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ROI Foam Insulation



Parsons Construction Group has been a residential insulation company since 1999 and has thousands of happy customers saving money on their energy bills. See why we are the best…

If you really want to impact your heating bills, and make your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, then consider installing ROI Insulation (Reflective Optimized Insulation).

Benefits of ROI

  • Our residential insulation keeps heat where you need it most….. IN during the winter, OUT during the summer.
  • Multiple layers are effective even when covered in dust (attics are dusty)
  • LIFETIME performance warranty….IN WRITING!
  • NEVER need to add more insulation again….NEVER!

Why is Reflective Optimizing Insulation (ROI) better than Fiberglass and Cellulose Insulation?

No Change in Performance Due to Thermal Bridging, Compaction, or Moisture Absorption!

The actual R value of fiberglass insulation may be lower by as much as 20% due to wood framing. All of the wood framing holding the insulation in place in your attic and walls reduces its effectiveness. Wood conducts heat faster than the insulation, a phenomenon known as “thermal bridging.”

Any pinching or smashing of the fiberglass/cellulose insulation also reduces its R-value. To be effective, fiberglass and cellulose must be kept fluffy and soft and not be exposed to any kind of moisture situations such as your attic and basement. Fiberglass/cellulose insulation does not stop radiant heat transfer. (The primary source of heat flow of any structure) These products were never designed to do so. They are designed only to slow it down, not stop… Once fiberglass/cellulose gets damp (and it will in most applications) it will stay damp while trapped between the insulation and the substrate that it’s lying on or attached to.

Half of the fiberglass/cellulose insulation that I paid for is — gone???? Half the R-value of fiberglass/cellulose insulation can vanish! Let’s emphasize that this is fiberglass/cellulose installed properly according to the manufacturer’s recommended density and coverage. The problem is moisture coupled with convection- air movement through fiberglass/cellulose that can reduce its R-value by 50%. This has been widely known for many years now. As reported in Home Energy Magazine, research in 1982 by Kenneth Wilkes and James Rucker at Owens-Corning Fiberglass first measured heat transport in fiberglass loose-fill attic insulation. Tested at the University of Illinois, and The Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge Laboratories all confirmed the findings.

These tests were performed where it is 50 degrees. When it is cooler than 50°, convection in loose-fill fiberglass/cellulose begins. Also anywhere it is hot, fiberglass/cellulose becomes less effective on hot sunny days! Known Fact: Within 10 days of showering and dish washing you can lose up to 25% of your new investment of fiberglass/cellulose insulation’s R-value!

Reflective Optimizing Insulation will Lower Your Utility Cost in Winter AND Summer

Contrary to what you’ve ever read, or ever heard, or ever seen from any other source, whether it be internet, friends, neighbors, people you worship with, co-worker’s, or so called experts, you will absolutely feel & see a dramatic difference 365 days a year in not only how your home or place of business feels, but most importantly you’ll feel and see the difference in your wallet! Reflective Optimizing Insulation in just 4 short years has been installed successfully and has satisfied well over 1300 new customers in the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio markets. ROI insulation has saved our customers on average 35% with a written guarantee of 25% on their heating and cooling bills…

All Radiant Barriers are not the same

Avoid radiant barriers that rely on one layer (reflective film top and bottom) and are installed flat in the attic space by simply rolling over your existing insulation like a blanket. Initially it performs well, but over time (2 to 3 years) the performance begins to diminish dramatically due to dust particles, soot, shingle granules, and various other kinds of debris collecting on top of Radiant Barrier blanket rendering its reflective values completely. This is all created from convection-air movement in your attic space. Reflective Optimizing Insulation does not rely on one layer of performance; it has multiple layers that are created by blowing in the attic or hanging vertically like conventional fiberglass/cellulose insulation. Multiple layers of ROI eliminate the possibility of dust as well as other debris forming on the top layer caused by convection-air movement.


Radiant Barriers/insulation are a commercial spin off of the NASA Apollo Space Program, NASA used a reflective foil covering to create a radiant barrier for both the spacecraft and the space suits to reflect the intense heat of the sun away from the astronauts by the day and reflect internal heat back inside the capsule at night for warmth. NASA estimates that “Using conventional insulation a space suit would have required a 7 foot-thick protective layer.” One thin layer of Reflective Optimizing Insulation equates to 7 feet of conventional insulation practices.

Benefits of using Reflective Optimizing Insulation

Insulation installation is quick and harmless to the homeowner and applicators, it is light weight, strong and installation is a ‘no mess’, clean process. ROI insulation is moisture proof unlike mass insulation products so that means no mildew, no mold and no fungus growth! It is also unaffected by humidity because there is no mass to absorb or retain heat. This insulation has very low emittance (emissivity) value E = 0.03, which significantly reduces heat transfer by radiation. There is no change in performance overtime due to compaction, disintegration or moisture absorption (common concern with mass insulation products). ROI insulation is nontoxic and non-carcinogenic – Does not cause cancer, will not irritate eyes, skin or throat. It contains no substances which will out-gas and carries a Class A/Class Fire Rating. This insulation is not appealing to rodents, birds or insects due to its ‘shiny’ appearance. Also, it is attractive in areas where insulation is exposed such as commercial metal buildings. This insulation is changing the way people think about insulation and it is right here in Cincinnati, Ohio! Let us show you why it is the best!


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