Parsons History

Parsons History
Parsons Construction Group, LLC is in Cincinnati, Ohio and North Lakeland, Florida. We are built on a solid foundation and we’re committed to building excellent relationships with our clients. We are known for our reliability and trust. We will provide you with Innovative Solutions to ensure you love our results. Our team of experts genuinely enjoys beautifying homes and businesses. We will deliver outstanding craftsmanship. We KNOW our business inside/out – and you can count on outstanding results and total customer satisfaction when you work with the Parsons team.

Beginning in Cincinnati in 1999, Parsons has carefully aligned ourselves with five of the most-trusted and respected American manufacturers in the industry. This is because we want to deliver innovative, leading-edge products and solutions that last. Here are the partnerships we’re so proud of:
  • Florian Greenhouse
    Made in the USA and known nationally and internationally for its unsurpassed quality in manufacturing horticulture greenhouses and solariums. Florian has manufactured an impressive resume’ of institutions, universities, schools, restaurants, hotels and nursing homes. Parsons is proud to be an exclusive Florian dealer and we can boast about hundreds of successful installations – especially the three-story glass structure that houses reptiles and butterflies at the Cincinnati Zoo. This beautiful work can be seen and is on display every day!

  • Textured Coatings of America (TEX-COTE®)
    Made in the USA, this Coating and Sealing product can be found on buildings and bridges across the country -- including “big box” stores, i.e., Lowe’s, Kohl’s, and IKEA as well as retail giants like Target and Wendy’s. TEX-COTE® also is used corporate headquarters, Arizona State University’s “Old Main” and some of the world’s most prestigious buildings, bridges, landmarks and homes. Parsons Construction Group is aware that the choices we all make greatly influence the environment and its sustainability. That’s why we partnered with Textured Coatings of America and become the Second Largest Approved-Dealer in the Nation! Tex-Cote is the most sustainable, reflective, greenest coating available on the market today. Parsons is again proud to be the exclusive certified dealer in the Cincinnati and Florida markets.

  • CFI Insulation
    Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, CFI specializing in high-quality foam. It is locally owned and operated. Parsons truly values this partnership, which enables us to deliver. FoamItAll insulation. This is an innovative, superior insulation product for residential and commercial projects. Our customers can enjoy their homes with comfortable temperatures and less outside noise.

  • Reflective Optimizing Insulation (ROI)
    Reflective Optimizing Insulation
    This is the Most Advanced Insulation On The Planet! Reflective Optimizing Insulation’s (ROI) copper surfaces reflect up to 98% of the infrared heat in your home – keeping you cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. This exclusive, highly sustainable, cutting-edge product is truly revolutionary – changing the way people think when it comes to insulating their homes and businesses every day! ROI has been successfully installed in over 1,500 homes – and is available in the Cincinnati area and Florida. Parsons was the first to introduce this product and is the exclusive distributor. We offer the guarantee to save at least 25% on your energy bills or Parsons pays the difference back -- and “Parsons has never had to pay the difference back.”

  • Cooper Electric
    parsons construction group
    Operating in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, Cooper Electric has been in business over 70 years.  They pride themselves on great customer service by offering consultation, direction and high-quality work that is guaranteed. Cooper specializes in remodeling and knob-and-tube wiring.  So, when you’re considering any Home Improvement project or upgrading insulation in your home, Parsons will line up Cooper for all your electrical needs.


  • COLD JET – Dry Ice Cleaning
  • Ice Blasting for Mold Remediation, Historical Restoration, Fire Remediation, Food Industry, Automotive Industry, Foundry – Cold Jet, Farrow Machiner




  • Solar Canopy, Solar Bi-facial, Solar Carports, Woodhaven – Florian Greenhouse
  • Geneva Horticultural Products


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