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Florida Reflective Optimizing Insulation

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Reflective Optimizing Insulation® (ROI) for your Florida business or home. This copper coated product is the Most Advanced Insulation In The World! ROI Copper surfaces reflect up to 98% of the infrared heat in your home or business. ROI is an all-season insulation. In the Summer, this “Copper Radiant Barrier” insulation bounces heat rays out of your attic…and reflects heat rays back down in your business or home during the Winter. This keeps you comfortable in Florida year-round – while saving you money.

In fact, we are so confident in this superior, high-performing insulation product for Florida that we GUARANTEE your energy bill will be lower -- or we’ll pay the difference! Importantly, we have NEVER had to pay the difference! ROI is manufactured by Sigma Technologies International and PARSONS IS THE EXCLUSIVE ROI DISTRIBUTOR IN FLORIDA AND THE U.S.

All Radiant Barriers are not the same

One thin, blown-in layer of Reflective Optimizing Insulation (ROI) is equal to 7 feet of conventional/typical insulation.

Conventional radiant sheets of film are ineffective in the attic due to dust collection. The attic collects dust and adheres to both sides of the film -- including underneath wrapped rafter mounts! These radiant sheet products retain so much dust on both sides they become ineffective -- resulting in a very poor investment.

Reflective Optimizing Insulation (ROI) doesn’t depend on just one layer for performance. It l000’s of layers blown into the attic – looking like copper-confetti! We will dust the top layer and all the layers underneath will be dust-free – and they remain dust-free forever. This makes ROI a “Copper Radiant Barrier” that is forever-lasting insulation and an excellent insulation investment. This product reflects the sun’s heat – so your business or home will be cool in the summer and warm in the winter – making ROI the perfect insulation choice for Florida!

Benefits of Using Reflective Optimizing Insulation (ROI) In Florida

  • It’s a no-mess, clean and safe installation process. ROI is lightweight and strong – lasting forever.
  • Unlike other products, ROI insulation doesn’t retain heat nor absorb moisture. This eliminates the threat of mildew, mold or fungae growth in your attic!
  • ROI has very low emittance (emissivity) value E = 0.03 – and this significantly reduces heat transfer by radiation. This product does not disintegrate, compact nor absorb moisture like mass insulation products – so product performance does not diminish.
  • ROI is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic – and will not cause cancer. There are no substances to irritate eyes, skin or throat. It is SAFE – will not out-gas in the attic. ROI doesn’t over-heat – carrying a Class A/Class Fire Rating
  • Rodents, birds and insects are not attracted to ROI because it has a “shiny” appearance.
  • ROI looks attractive in spaces where insulation is exposed, i.e., commercial metal buildings.
  • ROI won’t collect dust – saving on your Florida energy costs forever – GUARANTEED!

Why is Reflective Optimizing Insulation (ROI) better than Fiberglass and Cellulose Insulation?

Fiberglass and Cellulose Insulation products compact and absorb moisture – changing its performance and making it less effective. Pinching or smashing of the fiberglass/cellulose insulation also reduces its R-value. To be effective, fiberglass and cellulose must be kept fluffy and soft – without exposure to moisture. This insulation is not designed to stop radiant heat transfer – they just slow it down. And, when fiberglass/cellulose gets damp (which typically happens from moisture), it stays damp and can cause many issues in the home, as well as reducing its effectiveness.

Because of these issues, half of the fiberglass/cellulose insulation that you paid for is gone! This also means 50% of the R-value of fiberglass/cellulose insulation can disappear. And, wherever it is hot – like Florida -- fiberglass/cellulose is not as effective because of the sun’s radiant heat. So…within 10 days of showering and dishwashing, you can lose up to 25% of your new investment of fiberglass/cellulose insulation’s R-value!

Importantly, Fiberglass/Cellulose insulation can be used as a base for our very best insulation product -- copper-coated, blown-in Reflective Optimizing Insulation (ROI). Our Florida insulation experts will conduct a Free In-Home Thermal Imaging Test and guide you through options.  We’ll create a “Copper Radiant Barrier” to make your Florida business or home more comfortable – and save on your energy bills – GUARANTEED!. 

Parsons Construction Group is THE EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR OF REFLECTIVE OPTIMIZING INSULATION (ROI) IN FLORIDA AND THE U.S. for Commercial and Residential properties. You’ll find us throughout Florida -- including Orlando, Saint Petersburg, Sarasota, Tampa and Venice! We have innovative solutions and the highest-quality craftsmanship. You’ll love our products – and our outstanding customer service.
  • ROI Keeps Heat Where You Need It Most -- IN During The Winter & Out During The Summer
  • Multiple ROI Layers Are Effective Even When Covered With Dust (Attics Are Dusty)
  • Moisture-Proof – No Mold, Mildew nor Fungus Growth
  • Non-Toxic and Non-Carcinogenic
  • Not Appealing To Rodents, Birds nor Insects
  • LIFETIME Performance Warranty - IN WRITING. GUARANTEED to Save 25% on Your Energy Bill
  • NEVER need to add more insulation again - NEVER!
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