Commercial Exterior Application
Thursday, May 10, 2018

news, press releasesCommercial builders throughout the world have joined the TEX•COTE® revolution – won over by the ease of application and substantial cost savings. TEX•COTE®’s COOLWALL® System is the ideal choice for architects, developers, building owners, city officials and school administrators who are looking to enhance their building’s sustainability by lowering surface temperatures. COOLWALL® is a truly “green” coating because of its low VOC and special formulation to reflect the invisible IR light from the sun, thereby reducing the amount of heat absorbed by exterior surfaces, even in darker colors. Because COOLWALL® coatings stay much cooler, their color, adhesion, and other physical properties are greatly extended. The COOLWALL® system has been recognized by prominent LEED Accredited Professionals as being worthy of submission for LEED credits.

TEX•COTE® XL-70® is a primerless, one-coat system specially formulated to provide a weatherproof coating over cured or uncured concrete masonry surfaces. XL-70® saves builders resources, time and money during construction by reducing surface preparation, sack and patch costs. TEX•COTE® XL-70® can be applied to masonry, brick, plaster, stucco – even directly onto green concrete or damp surfaces – making it one of the most efficient and convenient systems on the market today. TEX•COTE® XL-70® is available in several finishes including smooth, fine, coarse and extra coarse. TEX•COTE®’s XL-70 water-based formula, XL-70W, is environmentally friendly due to an extremely low VOC content and it is resistant to fading, even in darker colors.



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